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Italy Trip to Parma Region

In the Fall of 2010, my husband and I vacationed in Italy with a small group. Included in that group, was a young photojournalist we had just met. It was Debi Ayres who photo-documented our memories and put them in a beautiful book format, and we couldn't have been happier with the result! Debi captured the memories for us and every time we look at her book, we can relive those wonderful sights and sounds over again. The book is special to us, because when we show our friends and family our book, it speaks volumes as to the experiences we enjoyed and now will never forget. Debi Ayres is a fine photographer, and her work shows her considerable professionalism. Joan Merlino Seattle, Washington

ARAS Foundation

March 16, 2009 Dear Debi, When you offered to take pictures at our foundation’s annual Harvest Festival, we had no idea the treat that was in store for us. You provided such an abundance of excellent pictures it was almost impossible to choose which ones we would use for our website. The group of people who attended our event came from very diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds, yet no one felt intruded upon while being photographed because of the sensitivity and respect that you showed to them. With over 2000 people attending our event, you somehow managed to quietly slip into the gathering of people and capture individual moments that on film looked as if it was only you and the subject present; with no distractions and no interferences. You have an eye for detail and expression that continually show up in your pictures. Whether it be the anticipation in a child’s face as they were about to sit on a pony for the very first time or the excitement in having found the perfect toy or even the tiredness in the face of a parent who struggles to provide for their family, you were able to accurately encapsulate that feeling in your photographs.We are so thankful that you agreed to support our work and be a part of our team. Please feel free to use any part of this letter for your site including the following:It is our belief; here at The ARAS Foundation that Debi Ayres has a unique gift for photographing, not people or things, but experiences. Her work opens doors in hearts and minds and allows us all to know what life is like for those being photographed. Thank you again, Debi. Sincerely, Mary Trask ARAS Community Service Director