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About Debi Ayres

Debi Ayres will Tell Your Story

"The street is my studio, life my canvas, your story my passion".

A park with leaves changing colors and swirling off their branches is a beautiful reminder of the passage of the seasons.  But the couple walking hand-in-hand in unison, moving as one through the scene reminds us of our own time passage.  Write your own story for the scene!

A clear plastic cup with a few drizzles of foam - someone enjoyed a beverage.  But the dog with his tongue reaching to the bottom for that last drop knows the story isn't over.  What could be so good that he'd put that much effort to reach it?  Write your own story!

What is your story?

Mine is simple - born in Portland, OR, moving to Washington in the 1980's, Seattle has become my home now.  What a canvas - snow capped mountains, brilliant greens and hues, bright city lights, a living bay, and skies that breathe - my home.

And when away from home, travels have led me across this great land, over the "pond" to Amsterdam and small town Italy.  And what treasures!  I captured a church in Gubbio, Italy after a thunderstorm which quickly became my favorite - and in a contest America agreed and it was displayed on a big screen on 42~43 and Broadway in New York City!

What is your story?

Spending time at an Italian cooking school was a delectable treat.  The flavors, the scents, the scenery have remained in the halls of my memory.  The photos taken for the group that brought me along to document their experience will stay long with them - and they have their own book to share with others.

What is your story?

My story can be found in the pages of the website.  Feel free to peruse my works and make them your own.  Have your own story to record?  I'd love to have you share that with me.  I do special requests.

What is your story?  Share it!

Yours in Life's travels, Debi Ayres